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Originally Posted by tac-40 View Post
Bawana J. I for one take into account my age and possibility of leaving a hoard for others later on. But, when it comes to food and ammo, I have taken the advice given to me by a Nam vet long ago. "Food and ammo are the first things to run out when you need them the most. So make sure you have plenty when you need them. Resupply always happens AFTER things calm down. "
I have two pair of Redwing boots and one of those haven't been worn other than to break them in. My boot situation is really good and like I said at 66 there isn't much chance of wearing out boots. Spares are in case I get some stolen. Add to that my other shoes and I should not ever go without good foot covering.

I really like the video, it's very informative and worth the time just so you can understand what it will take for a working man to keep his boots going in a time of crash.

My preps I rotate but I look at my longevity along with what I think will happen before refills. My plan is to trade for goods I need and I keep enough stock for that. Ammo I decided rather than leave a bunch for the enemy that kills me I am converting to buying bullets,powder and primers so they won't just leave with a huge pile of loaded rounds.

I don't want to leave a pile of ammo to be used to kill my neighbors. If I have time I will destroy my powder and primers.
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