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I can give you some feedback on Bergara rifles in general.

I have the LRP in 6 Creedmoor which is built on the same B-17 action as your Premier Stalker. The LRP has a #5 taper, SS barrel and 517 flat Timney trigger mounted in an XLR Industries monolithic stock. Your Stalker is a #3 taper SS barrel and uses a 510 Timney curved trigger in a proprietary carbon fiber stock.

Fit and finish on the LRP and other Bergara rifles I've handled is outstanding. Your premier series comes with a sub-MOA guarantee and a test target from your rifle. My best 5 shot group to date with Hornaday Match 108gr ELD is approaching .5 MOA at 600 yards with a 20x optic.

The B-17 action is like butter. I did extensive research on Bergara prior to purchase as I was unfamiliar with the manufacturer. As you likely know, Bergara made their name initially in custom barrels. They also manufacture barrels for other production rifle manufacturers. My understanding is that all B-17 rifles are manufactured in the US and hand assembled in Lawrenceville GA. The B-14's, I believe are all manufactured and built in Spain.

I've spoken to customer service on a number of occasions and always found them to be friendly and knowledgeable. I spoke with CSR Steve Mullinax more than once and he was more than helpful.

BPI Outdoors is the parent company of Bergara in the US. They also own other brands like CVA, DeadAir and DuraSight. Here's a link to their main page:

Bergara started their Bergara Experience tour in late 2017 with plans for more in 2018. They set up a day at a local club for interested parties to see and shoot their rifles. Maybe one will come within reach for you.

I'm on their mailing list and got this video last week showing their participation in a hunt for the Mountain Goat Project. Not a lot of rifle info here but the scenery from the hunt is awesome. The featured hunter is easy on the eyes as well.

Good Luck with your purchase.

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