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WTK: Hand-times at '11' but wrench breaks at 175???

Okay all, figured I need to veritable collective's opinion on this one. Here's the scenario: LMT receiver (29xxx s/n# range), SA barrel that hand-times to 11 (maybe a little past), threads have anti-seize and turn freely with zero binding.

Get the wrench on the receiver and, without the barrel slipping in the vice, I get to twisting. Okay, the GD torque wrench breaks at 175 ft lb, but the sight block is still a decent bit from '12 o'clock.' WTF gives? Do I ditch the torque wrench, grab the big ass breaker bar, and get 'er there? Mind you, I've shaved/sanded the barrel shoulder a bit already, but still this issue. I'm not a novice at this, but somethin' don't be seemin' right. What say the hive? TIA...
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