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I have a BSA 1945 No.5 Mk.I around here somewhere. Bought back in the day when they were fairly cheap. Came with an RFI bayonet and scabbard...I've always thought the bayonet might be a reproduction...but it could be real.

I have never been able to get my No.5 carbine to clip-load worth a hoot! My No.4 Mk.I rifle won't clip load right either. However my old 1918 SSA No.1 Mk.III* will clip-load perfectly every time....and yes..I know how to stagger the rims in the clips

Superb looking carbine! There was a similarly nice looking jungle carbine in a nearby gun store a while back. They had it priced at like $800...but every time I went there I had to look at it(was really nice like the above pictured carbine!)...A couple months ago I visited the store and it was gone. No deal as I wasn't going to buy it...I just liked to look at it.

My No.5 ain't too bad...mechanically originally came in a non-capped forearm walnut stock...but the front wood and handguard were pretty badly beat. Somewhere I found a Fazakerly beech wood set with another walnut handguard to retrofit the gun into. I've been meaning to repair my old walnut forearm and get a repro butt-pad. I may get that resto-project rolling soon

Enough rambling about my old carbine...but that is a really slick one for sure!
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