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I am probably just old and confused, but for some reason I do not get the connection between what someone owns and their "toughness", real or perceived.

With that said, I started on collecting the firearms I have now back when FAL kits were cheap and to be very honest, building the weapons with my own hands had a great appeal.

Over time, that evolved into picking up other interesting firearms along the way, few to none came from big box or large sporting goods chain stores, most came from gun shows, small gun shops, or other similar sources.

From early 2009 to just this year I purchased zero firearms and by the end of 2009 had enough ammo stored to avoid the need of any additional purchases.

Now in 2017, the climate has moved to a less insane state, and while helping my son look for his first pistol, as I already said in an earlier reply gun shows in my area had become "very different", not many guns, but lots of other stuff.

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