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I've owned two-or-more of every "tough-guy-toy" a fella could ever want.

I quit collecting tough-guy-toys when I realized that owning tough-guy-toys didn't necessarily make me a tough guy. I further realized I had so many of those things, that I didn't have time to use even half of them while I pretended to be a tough guy.

Not much point in keeping going to the tough guy show and buying shit I won't use.

I sold a bunch of that stuff and bought some cars and car parts. I'm not sure what its called. I just know the sound it makes when I push my foot down. If I break it, all the better gives me more things to actually do with it. Its as much fun putting it back together as it breaking it.

I'm amazed at how far the battery-powered wrenches have come. If you EVER turn wrenches on a car - especially if you do any work on suspension - you GOTTA get a Milwaukee M18 half-inch-drive gun. Oh. My. God.

The project doesn't have to be cool or fast - but it helps. Really just needs to keep my mind occupied with a foward objective. My mind turns to Jello when I walk into gun shows or gun stores these days.

I'm not buying any more of that stuff. I've still got 5x more than I can use.
I for damn sure aint gonna "collect" it for the sake of being conservator of it for somebody else. No disrespect for the special folks who live for that role of ownership. Not for me though. I'm the "keep your foot in it until it breaks" kind of guy.

Ask me about the Mason-Dixon FAL Collectors Association.
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