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Originally Posted by 308/223shooter View Post
Now we're into a whole new area. Can you post a pic of the hider? I ask, as too much heat can really bugger things up. By chance do you have a barrel vise and receiver wrench on hand?
I do not have those tools on hand.

I heated it up for about two minutes with a propane torch. About a minute in I saw a couple of wisps of smoke come out the muzzle end and at two minutes I saw a little something dribble out from under the flash suppressor, which at the time seemed to confirm to me that there was threadlocker. It would not budge at all. At some point after it was safe to touch I decided to try one more time and give it another minute of heat, but no more. Still wouldn't move.

Terry has since confirmed that he applied no threadlocker (and I never applied any before I sent it out to him). So I have no idea why this thing will not turn, especially since it was timed correctly in the past and nothing was done to change this. I was able to get it to rotate by hand to the 12 o'clock position before. Whatever dribbled out of the combo device resembles hardened cosmoline and is about as tough to get off.

Anyhow, pics below:

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