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Originally Posted by Wil-C View Post
it was done before without computers, why not again?

Penicillan was discovered and made without computers, no reason it can't be done again.

The same for petroleum, water, electric, farming, animal husbandry,etc.

Hoover dam? no computers, designed with a slide rule
Rural electrification? no computers, done with a slide rule
cars? until the 70's, all done with a slide rule.
aircraft? same as cars.
BTW: planes going twice the speed of sound? done with a slide rule.
We put a man on the moon & back home safely with a slide rule.
Battleships (USS missouri sized & armed...) & aircraft carriers? Designed and built via slide rule.

Petroleum industry? No computers till at least the `70's.
farming? no computers till probably the `80's
medical? no computers till at least the `70's.
Cash registers? prior to the `70's, all mechanical.
Transportation? until the `70's, no computers.
BTW: RR still used the old school diesel from back in the `30's. How was it done up until the 50's & 60's?
Telegraph & teletype, put up the poles & the wires, break out the timetables, you're in business.

What was the population of this country up until the late sixties / early seventies? No lack of farming, transportation, etc. No computers but it still got done. Food was grown, gas was made for cars, diesel was made for trucks & trains, the electricity was one every day. Clean water was available at the turn of the tap, etc. No computers.

we would simply have to go back to how it was done before, paper, pen, typewriter, slide rule.
This country ran just fine up through the mid-sixties on those very things.
No reason we couldn't do it again. More labor intensive? that means more jobs available and a real incentive for people to educate themselves for real.
You'll have to be able to do math, no calculators. Read, write, do math, just like it was done before.
Will it have to be relearned? yes to a certain extent, I look around where I live and to a measurable degree, it is still being done old-school and there's enough of those types around to pass down that tribal knowledge.

I don't think I am talking out my ass on this.
I've worked in the following fields:
municipal water
currently working R.R.

at one time I held 2 federal and one state license in those fields. I still hold one federal license and could easily qualify for another.

one common thing I've observed in all of those. Computers create one single thing, ease of managing & using information. It makes doing that a lot less labor intensive, that is all it does.
Prior to the advent of the computer era, it was all done by hand. Think about all the things this country created prior to about 1965, all of it was done by hand, we did it once, we can do it again.
Will, everything you say above it completely and 100% true.

"It was done before without computers, why not again?"

Short answer, panic and complete breakdown in society as we know it today.

We are on a "just in time delivery" system to supply for all needs to 320,000,000 people.

Anything that breaks that fragile chain, anything at all, will kill off ??? 300,000,000 of our people within 12 months, maybe less.

People of the past did everything you mentioned above, but they did it all in times of relative peace and stability, without having to introduce a totally NEW system from the ground up, all the while millions are dead daily from lack of water, medical care, food stuffs.

We have the talent to pull off a return to the past without computers, but human beings will not stand by and die in place while it was being put into place.

New Orleans was a perfect example of what everyday human beings will be like when the power and everything that makes up normal society goes away overnight.

If what happened in New Orleans hits nation wide, game over.
If what happened in New Orleans hit the whole of the East coast, our major population center, game over.
If we loose the West Coast, California, Oregon, Washington state, we might be able to hold on long enough where it all does not go ten toes up, but the financial hit will ruin this country for lifetimes.

We're not that well prepared to handle the destruction of one major population center, like NYC or Chicago, anything hits a dozen or more at one time, game over.
You may find me dead in a ditch one day, on my knees, but I will be up to my waist in spent rifle brass.

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