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While it's low odds, heard many experts say if the fault line that's the Appilachian Mountains ever slips it will result in a magnitude 10 quake along the Eastern Seaboard. Have had two tremors in my lifetime that rattled dishes and shook a few knick knacks off shelves. Both I was not only person who felt thus was not a flashback or bad batch of dope. From Dawsonville to Dahlonega both times many people reported them one in the 70's and other in the 80's. I worked loading containers and working radio traffic out of Haiti, mostly my employees were loading containers while I worked radio as took my entire crew to the ATL NAMB/Red Cross/Salvation Army/GEMA/FEMA offices and warehouses on an as need basis for a couple weeks. Was nice being able to do that for multiple events back when carried a large staff or leave them working while I activated into events. An earthquake on the East Coast would be catastrophic as the only things I know of built to earthquake standards are Ma Bell facilities. Why still trying to buy the old microwave tower location 15 minutes north of me. Rated for F2 tornado, CAT 3 hurricane and high 6 dot something earthquake. Even in Southeast every battery rack I install for Ma Bell must be earthquake rated and have earthquake bars installed to keep batteries in racks.
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