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YH those are the real questions! The one biggie is how many of the people with the knowledge to make Antibiotics, build and run a refinery, etc. etc. will be around. As part of the DHS/EMP thing we're doing, the fraction of people with the knowledge to run critical elements of our society is actually a small fraction. (The thing about Americans is in general they have the ability to "turn wrenches", unlike folks from India/China. (now the newer generation maybe not). So those places will not be very good resource to replace the lost folks, especially in the near term (2 years)). Most are concentrated in the urban areas with California taking in the biggest portion, especially in the Pharm/bio area. The good news is the lousy govt. of Kalifornia is pushing them out, The smaller (and more resourceful) have already left. Any major disruptive event that kills a lot of people has an amplifying effect in an advanced technological society. The question is being asked: Which has more impact? Losing East LA or Palo Alto, Ca. You then follow this logic down to the individual (All men are created equal but some have more value (depending on the situation of course)).
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