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Thanks to all yet again! I had a great time. Thanks to the breakfast folks. I made it just in time and it was awesome!
Thanks to CoffeeVixen for herding us around and the companionship! Plus all the other myriad things you do!
Thanks Rob for partnering up with a semi-blind dude for the team shoot
I'm sorry I left so early that I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to everyone except a few that were up. Hopefully I didn't wake up TuscanRaider who I was camped next to. I saw you wiping off your windows but didn't want to bother you .
Thanks to Jim, Brush511, and Rob for all the hard work to put this on.

I'm hoping to make the Oregon shoot this year again. Usually it's at the end of finals week (which is why I'm always exhausted that weekend). This year it falls on the weekend before finals so things are up in the air.
If nothing else I may have to make a whirlwind trip like the Washington shoot.
It was nice to meet Vanessa and Caleb (Flatfour) and several others. It's always a great time and this year was no exception!
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