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In addition to what Ted said, you should try to hookup with the match director a RNG near you and shadow him from beginning to end. Hosting and running an RNG is no small matter and is unlike any other match out there. You are coordinating a foot race, a rifle match and a pistol match all at the same time. The MD time starts several months before the match and ends a month or so after the match. So shadowing or interning with another MD would let you see how things are done.

Oh and something else not mentioned. Transportation at the match so the MD or emergency personnel can move about quickly to respond to injure parties and handle the crisis that always crop up. To do that, you need good communications. Cells phone are great for a backup system but too sloow. You need a radio system that can cover the entire race area with no dead spots. Local ham radio guys often like to help out with this because they can practice their skills for remote setups and operations. A win-win situation.
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