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I guess I am one of those old guys. Have H4831 and IMG 4831 in stock along with other H/IMG combos of same number. Have some nice factory and custom rifles from late 1970's through late 1980's that occasionally pull out of vault and take to range. Did way back in cabinet and find the box or boxes of ammo with rifle A's info and serial number and take to range. Get home and cases fired will neck size, drop powder from file and seat bullet. If rifle "x" shoots sub MOA , sub 1/2 MOA or even 1/4 MOA with "y" amount of IMR xxxx why would I start developing new loads with new powders? Have plenty of new rifles waiting for load developmemt. If happen to be out of an older powder needed may redevelop a load using powders I stock more of these days but if there are several pounds of IMG xxxx in a locker not going to throw it away. That said, generally find H4831sc shoots better than H4831 or IMR 4831.

Don't knock old stuff or some black powder guy might show up with a powder horn and pour his charge, seat a lead bullet and put five shots through same hole. Another may use a 45-100 or 40-90 brass case loaded with black powder and zap an elk from 800 yards without a scope, laser range fimder, annenometer or even wind flags and it fall DRT. I still use paper patch bullets lead and get 1 MOA out of them.
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