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Originally Posted by ByrnieMac View Post
I'm not sure of the difference between the PSA stuff and the PTAC, but from what I've been advised and researched, I wouldn't buy anything PTAC.

As far as 'Mil-Spec' is concerned, I heard on a range a while back that 5 moa was considered in spec for infantry rifles.

And when it comes to the barrels, I have a question.. I used to do the final assembly on M-16's at the FN USA plant that PSA now sources their barrels from. This was about 6 or 7 years ago. Now, at that time, the only barrels made in house were the full length M-16 barrels, not ones for M4's. The only contracts at the time were for M-16A4's for the Army and Marines. Usually 8-9k/month and 4-5k/month, respectively.

Did this change? Does FN now hold the contract for M4's as well? When I was still in the Marines, Colt still had the contract for M4's if I remember correctly. Or at least I never came across a FN M4...

So does anyone know if FN tooled up to make M4 barrels for PSA? Or what? I know a lot can change in 7 years, but I'm still curious. And what are the markings on the "FN" barrels from PSA? Do they say PSA or FN?

I just hope the guys at Palmetto aren't feeding us all a line about the M4 barrels.
That 5moa is what a barrel should shoot after it's been tortured in full auto or burst mode dumping magazines as fast as you can. The heat from it changes the barrel and rifling structure, a barrel that has been fired full auto will never be a long range tac driver,And the 5moa is what the absolutely worst that is acceptable straight from the factory.
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