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Originally Posted by yellowhand View Post
401K's have gone UP 25 to 35% in 2017, and I just finished watching history being made, the Presidents doctor took questions for an hour and covered everything, answered all questions, and that Trump is as sane as any other person in the country, loved watching the press try and pin anything on him and there was nothing, Trump might live to well over a hundred and is sane.

Also heard, 200,000 manufacturing jobs have returned to the country in 11 months, obammy lost 20,000 in the last month he was president, that's a hell of a positive change.

My optimism is growing daily, got to admit it.

My state retirement fund is in GREAT shape too!
There is reason for a sober-minded optimism, as I've stated this is only the end of the beginning, we have a long way to go but look at what the left is doing within only a years time. Look at thier reaction already, they're down to screaming "RACIST" at the president, what do we know about the left?
When they start screaming racism, we know we've beaten them in a given ideological battle.
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