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Originally Posted by G1user View Post
the silent majority has already gone back to sleep, and will not re awaken in time for it to matter.

"pissed" does not pass the requisite threshold for social change.
"pissed" is irrelevant.
at most, "pissed" might result in another futile temper tantrum, but not with standing, and no results.

however, application of sufficient pain can pass that requisite threshold for social change, if skillfully administered to generate the proper motivation.

barry was not enough pain, not enough proper motivation;

what Trump has delivered -- as promised -- is temporary pain relief, : make that undeserved pain relief;

when Trump leaves, he takes that undeserved pain relief with him, and the application of pain resumes where it left off at.

demographics = destiny

the continuity of agenda is 1. white disenfranchisement, 2. replacement, 3. disposal, then 4. purge.
I don't agree with your assessment, except for the agenda, which is correct.

People are getting pissed, which is good enough for a start in terms of cultural change. The culture war is about hearts & minds, if an individual is pissed or however you wish to term it, in regards to what they see going on in this country. Then that individual is now permanantly free from the lies of the left or intellectually immune to them.
Given what I see going on, the examples I wrote, this is not a temporary thing, this is something much larger and the beginning of something culturally permanant. As I said, it is hard to be hopeful after so many years of watching the left literally winning the culture war with almost ease, and then the thing we desperately hope for is finally beginning to happen.

Barack hussein was actually a blessing in disguise, what he exposed to the average individual via his actions has had an effect on the silent majority, it became too obvious for too many people to ignore or deny. It is the same for the leftist media, it has become too obvious for people to ignore or deny anymore.

Trump serves 8 years and his leaving will not end what has begun, he didn't create what's going on culturally. He saw it, validated people by given them the courage of conviction, then vindicated them via political victory and the implementation of the agenda he ran on.
All he's done is give this cultural change further impetus than it might have had without him running and winning.
I remember Pence was on Rush's show and he made a comment about something Trump told him one time when arriving at a rally.
He said Trump was looking out the window of the plane at the huge crowd and turned to Pence & said "this is bigger than us, this is something far larger"

this is not the `80's with Reagan, this is something entirely different as back then it was simply ideological differences, now it is an existential threat to an entire race of people and individuals are slowly beginning to recognize that.
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