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Originally Posted by Wil-C View Post
The battle now is the contest between the 'silent majority' reawakening vrs can the left & the elites flood the country fast enough with enough 3rd world illiterates to maintain control culturally & politically.
the silent majority has already gone back to sleep, and will not re awaken in time for it to matter.

Originally Posted by Wil-C View Post
...finally people are beginning to see those tactics for what they are, a lie and a political weapon. And people are starting to get pissed off about that and thier future being sold out of the country. ...
"pissed" does not pass the requisite threshold for social change.
"pissed" is irrelevant.
at most, "pissed" might result in another futile temper tantrum, but not with standing, and no results.

however, application of sufficient pain can pass that requisite threshold for social change, if skillfully administered to generate the proper motivation.

barry was not enough pain, not enough proper motivation;

what Trump has delivered -- as promised -- is temporary pain relief, : make that undeserved pain relief;

when Trump leaves, he takes that undeserved pain relief with him, and the application of pain resumes where it left off at.

demographics = destiny

the continuity of agenda is 1. white disenfranchisement, 2. replacement, 3. disposal, then 4. purge.
"if you cannot trust people with freedom, then how can you trust people with power?" It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.
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