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Originally Posted by yellowhand View Post
I hope you're correct.

The political on this, with the dimwits seeing their power base eroding before their eyes is interesting to watch as they savage everything Trump.
If those same people are listening and looking at their lot in life improving under Trump, things might just change for the better.

I just wish the conservatives were as good at savaging the dimwits with a coherent unified message, they seem not to learn much from Trump, who right this moment is touting the black employment numbers being the best they have been in 20 or 30 years.

Trump has been hit with everything, currently being the top of the hit list, being a racist.
And he just continues to plow through with his agenda, job,jobs,jobs, and more jobs and reducing competition against American blacks and Hispanics from non citizens flooding across the border.

The American inter-cities areas have one and only one hope of ever getting better, and that is to return jobs back into those areas.
Manufacturing jobs, done by American hands, can solve most of the problems we've all seen over the past 40 years.
A decent job, allows a man to buy a home, owning a home allows a man to send his kids to a decent school, a decent education allows his kids to do better than himself and that has all been lost when Clinton and others did everything possible to destroy all manufacturing of "stuff" in this country.

If a man has nothing, he will steal.
If a man has a job, he will buy stuff.
I failed to make a main point in my last post, that was written in response to the poll results you mentioned, of which I've seen the same elsewhere.
The point being the surveys such as that reflect the cultural change which is happening slowly but surely.
A lot of what you've written here supports the same.

You're correct, Trump has been hit with everything in the democrat playbook, including their #1 political weapon, they scream "RACIST!" which in the past has worked almost invariably. Yet is it not working now, why?
Why does it work backwards now, the louder the left screams the accusations against Trump, does it only make his supporters grow more firm in thier conviction to back him?
finally people are beginning to see those tactics for what they are, a lie and a political weapon. And people are starting to get pissed off about that and thier future being sold out of the country.

"Job, jobs, jobs", couldn't agree more, Trump knows which side of his bread that butter goes on because as I said, people are pissed about their future being sold out. Restore some real hope by keeping his word and watch what people do and remember. It is jobs which Trump used to destroy the democrat firewall in the midwest states, something that hasn't been done since Reagan.
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