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Originally Posted by yellowhand View Post
I saw the real reason they are putting up oprah and also why they, dimwits, are going 24 seven calling Trump a racist.

One simple explanation.

Polling came out showing Trump is now up to 22% black male support, from 8% which R's normally get, and 14% among black wimmen, up from 4%.

Which means, if these numbers just hold, G-D forbid they get even better, no dimwit can win office except in damn few specific locations.
what I wrote in post #53 I wrote not to 'win' the argument, but for two reasons.

1. it is real & it is happening albeit slowly.

2. too often people wrongfully equate a slow cultural change with no change at all as that change is hard to see happening.

It is a fact that for so long there's been little or no reason for genuine hope.
As result we're inclined to not see anything positive as a long term trend but rather short term luck, such as Trump getting elected.

The battle now is the contest between the 'silent majority' reawakening vrs can the left & the elites flood the country fast enough with enough 3rd world illiterates to maintain control culturally & politically.
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