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Originally Posted by JackA View Post
Color is subjective ( eye of the beholder ) although well executed ( grip screws also ) . The only thing about these pistols is the magazine retention , I have a hard time manipulating them , wondering if there was / is an aftermarket mechanisim . My daughter loves shooting the on I have .

The Mk III and the MkII/45 both use American (non European) style mag catches. But I don't like the feel of the Mk II/45. I really like the luger type grip for target shooting. The other may be better for combat shooting, but at that point I should just get the (Advantage Arms?) .22 Upper for the Glock.

I see these (have 3 now, two like this and one of the slab-side target models) as small game hunting and teaching sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger control, before moving onto regular defensive pistol shooting.
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