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Lock nut and lower do not like each other

Let's say you have a handguard which has a threaded thingie that goes around the barrel. In the following pict, this threaded thingie (a glorified nut; barrel nut?) is the piece with all the little round holes.

I take the piece being shown with the tool in the same pict is the lock/jam nut for the threaded thingie: once you line up the barrel nut so the gas tube can go through, you then jam the lock nut against the upper receiver.

Am I correct? If so I have a bit of a problem: when the jam nut is tightened against the upper, the lower cannot be placed as it front hinge boss protrudes a bit forward compared to the boss on the upper (this is a set of Palmetto state AR10 receivers, if it matters). So, when the jam nut is jamming, the lowe rboss gets pushed a bit back so the pin cannot line up. I feel like I am doing something wrong here...
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