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Originally Posted by brunop View Post

He did alright. I was going to give him a hard time about being scope-dependent and weak sauce, but he got his little suitcase carbine to hit at 200 and shut me the hell up.

I'm not scared that he's going to be be bigger 'n' stronger than me some day soon. I'm worried that he'll start out-shooting me before I'm ready for that. Trying to stave off Father Time for a little while longer.
Thread drift on the kids growing up thought....

For 15-ish years, me and my 5 boys trail road dirt bikes and raced hare-scrambles. If one of them beat "the old man" in a sanctioned race or even just us trail riding seriously hard & fast through a section by ourselves, it was a dream come true for a teenager....and also for "the old man"
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