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Originally Posted by Slo cat View Post
The SS Mil-Quad Reticle is what I meant to say, not the mildot. Thanks for your recommendation on the 10X vs. 12X, as I was not sure which would be better.

What are the pros/cons of a chassis? Other that the obvious LOP and cheek adjustments? I am not sure I like a pistol grip on a precision rifle. Is there a downside to the RPR? They seem very popular.

Another question as to barrel length, the Tikka is available in 20" and 24". For only target shooting, which would you prefer?
Tikka and Savage have a huge support base. Bergara, not yet.

Not a fan of Savage extractors or bolt travel. RPR barrels have been hit or miss for some. Tikka shorter throw, smooth travel+ better extractor than Savage.

I'd recommend T3X, 24" to for every advantage in velocity, the 20" can be a challenge to maximize 6.5. I really like the MDT LSS-XL chassis, no top rail or tube in the way of mounting scope where you want it. That said, forward mount bridge is available. If you're going to go full retard PRS choose your stock wisely.

NF SHV 4-16x is great bang for buck FFP. SWFA SS is nothing to sneeze at either.
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