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Originally Posted by Slo cat View Post
I am shopping for a bolt gun to take to a 4 day precision rifle course.

My finalists are all in 6.5 Creedmoor. Including the Savage 10/110 BA, The Tikka T3X CTR Tactical and the Ruger Precision Rifle.

I am thinking about the SWFA SS 12X fixed with a mildot reticle and turrets.

tac-40, what scope is on your RPR?

If I get excited about my new rifle, I could easily get into PRS matches.
Have you looked at Bergara? I have the LRP in 6 Creedmoor. I'm no shooter but have put up a 5 shot 3" group at 600 with factory Hornaday 108gn ELD match ammo. Factory ammo for the 6 is 20% more expensive than the 6.5. Picked up the rifle at a great price through a BIN GB ad; only $150 or so more than the RPR is running. She currently wears a Millett 6-24x56 scope until I can save enough coin for a better glass.

Another shooter at my local range is running the Tikka T3X CRT and getting great accuracy. A little pricier than the Bergara from what I've seen for sale.

Both of these rifles are competing favorably with the high dollar bolt guns I see weekly.
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