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The beginning of my FAL/L1A1 journey...

After being too slow or not feeling it for a few riFALs on Falfiles ( apologies to the members I have bombarded with questions) , I bought what was described as "L1A1 Imbel sporter" from Cabela's ( of all places) .
My knowledge being very theoretical from reading on here and elsewhere ( I had seen precisely 2 FALs in my life - both at gun shows, one had spider webs in the barrel and the other was a STG 58 not for sale ) I jumped at the chance of an Imbel receiver build particularly as the process was that I paid to have it shipped to my local store and could then accept or reject it , only forfeiting the shipping cost.
It has had a hard life as you can see.
Once I had it transferred to me I got my LGS to carry out a safety check.
It came with 2 inch magazines, one of which is dented meaning the follower gets stuck.
First impressions at the range are that it is fun to shoot.
Immediate observations were that it doesn't cycle at all with some ammo
(Aguila) but will cycle at setting 1 or 2 with Federal or Winchester.
The other observation is that the trigger is breathtakingly heavy, so that along with updating the furniture is the first job on the list.

It seems to be Australian kit from what markings I can find.

Which brings me to my questions if you would be so kind fellow forum members....

- which would be the best synthetic stock/pistol grip to match the existing hand guards?
- I am in the market for a buttstock removal tool, is there a preferred one or one to avoid or are they all much the same?

- as far as the gas system goes, what can I do to improve this?

All comments and input welcome.


Note:- I have read the warnings about how addictive this is.
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