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Bringing the FAL into the 21st century (sort of...)

BLUF (bottom line up front): If interested in the full story of this insanity, please see the dissertation posted below the photos

In short, Imbel GL receiver, Kaiser lower, and further details can be read below. I test fired this gal at 25yds, and the nine shots seen in these two groups were the first shots out of the rifle, no boresighting, and prior to gas-setting. Yeah, it's only at 25, but all considered, I think the groups were pretty solid for milsurp (LC14). Maybe I'll see what she can do with some 'better' ammo, at 100 at some point soon...

Nearly four years ago, I joined the FAL Files to embark on a journey, to build a para. ONE. Single. Para. [insert FAL-aholic joke here] The twists and turns are too numerous to recall and, in the process, I've built way more of these rifles than I ever thought I would, and learned more about them than I ever imagined possible. That para project would intermittently build up steam, then focus would turn elsewhere (ref. 'D66' build, early StG, a child being born, Aussie, LEO, wife leaving, etc...). Time passed and, in late 2017, I bought a mashup of odd parts from member 'goodorbit', which set me on the firm path that yielded the conglomeration seen above.

It started with the barrel, a 30-06 Remy 700 barrel that member 'bloodoftyrants' converted to short-gas FAL; it was a tricky install due to the odd taper, but the lead-lined GunThings vice did the trick. Member 'FUUN063' cut and crowned the muzzle at just over 16" and threaded for 5/8-24 for the muzzle OSS device + jam nut. I got the receiver from, iirc, member 'snugglebutt' and I made the 'nose cut' the day I picked it up. The FSE charging handle also came in the kit with the barrel, as did the short piston + tube (Leland cleaned these up perfectly, also). I recall getting the Stanag Argy para topcover from member 'D. Lehrman' and I pulled the scope mount off of it, cuz I cannot seem to find an OEM para cover (I know, common problem). The barrel profile pretty much requires either a custom handguard ring or the DSA railed HG, due to the way it mounts. I had member 'Dr Shock' do some custom milling on a DSA HG to remove the rails at 3, 6, and 9 o'clock, did some of my own dremel work to blend lines, then had the thing cerakoted.

Moving rearward, you'll notice the Kaiserworks lower, the opportunity for which was graciously provided by 'raexcct2' a couple years back. I mocked it up (e.g., fully-assembled), hand-fitting the selector to be sure it operated smoothly. I also hand-fit the frame lock to ensure the lever didn't rub, and that the engagement was perfect when I locked the upper and lower together. This required a 1X oversize lug from 'JohnnyJohnsoninWI', and it snapped home like a champ. Also, a shout out to Scott Chin ('bestparts' on GB) for the perfect lock lever. The hammer, trigger, and sear are mid-50s FN, and the trigger is a type-A, which works great with the DSA extended change lever. I think I got these HTS from 'munchoman' at the original inception of this project. Once I was satisfied that the trigger housing mechanics were perfect, I pulled it apart for refinish (more on that later). There's a semi-only trigger plunger in there, and a trigger return spring I ensured would provide a positive reset, but without the 12lb force required to break. In fact, the trigger breaks at a repeatable ~5 lbs with a very nice reset (still need to check it with a pull gauge). It's the smoothest FAL trigger I've ever felt, and it is protected by a DSA 'winter' trigger guard. Has a pretty charming aesthetic to it. I am a fan.

Further concerning the fire control group, there's an Argy para carrier from Sarco, and the bolt is a hoot -- it's an Australian bolt, but with Brit guts and markings (off topic, but had I thought about it, I'd have used this bolt for the damn D66 build, since there's no 'D' marking on it, but it still classifies as a 'Brit bolt' *sigh*). Anywho, MSM/Countershot para springs (some NOS Belgian springs in reserve) and a dingus tube from Numrich (I think?) A few other milsurp incidentals, Argy bolt catch, FSE/SloCat mag catch, and Israeli style joint pin -- I said 'style' as I have cause to believe it to be one of mountainman's creations, a fine piece and very solid.

The Daniel Defense rear sight (which is for sale, if anyone is interested) will be replaced by either a Midwest or the Larue, just due to aesthetics (I'm picky af). Just below that rear sight, you'll notice the QD sling socket... then you might recall another one up front on the HG screw. I came up with that mounting method because I didn't want the sling to pull the HG asunder, and I don't really care to use rail-mounted sling connections. Capped the other end of both securing screws with, well, cap-nuts, and *!pow!* an extremely secure sling mounting solution. Thanks folks, I'll be around all week. I went a little crazy with the receiver extension and grabbed a pricey (imho) Strike Industries tube, just cuz I like the way it looks. I have mixed feelings on the Strike stock, and I'm still considering what I want to use, but this one may just stay on there. I may eventually mount a red-dot 'scout' style, but I'll have to see, as that will mean a riser for a good weld.

What really makes this rifle special is the finish (this is the "bringing ... 21st century" part). Yeah, it looks plan-jane black like most other black rifles, sure. What you can't see is the extreme toughness and corrosion resistance of the QPQ nitride treatment on 90% of this rifle. For obvious reasons, aluminum parts, springs, bolt catch and gas plug (captive springs), chrome gas piston, hammer, sear, or firing pin were not treated. The rest, seriously everything else, even the stand-off washers (beneath the sling QDs), top cover, and return spring dingus tube are all QPQ treated. I want to resound a huge 'thank you' to member 'ironworker' for introducing me to nitriding in the first place, and to Mr Jon Wolfe (Wolfe Firearms in NC) for his kind help in making this (and several other projects) that much better. At some point, I'll be posting a review of that experience more in-depth in the 'Review' section of the forum.

I joined the 'Files for the sole purpose of building ONE para FAL, and the stock on this one doesn't even fold I blame all of you for the debauchery that has since ensued. On deck, though it may be awhile, will be an entirely unreasonable Commonwealth SLR on a Buena Park receiver. Mostly Aussie, but with a few Brit and Canuck parts, it will essentially be the nitrided 'inch' brother of the rifle in this post, just a bit more original to form. Also, I'll likely be working up an all-QPQ'd 12" para SBR, with a lower I've already had treated. Stay tuned... and yes, I know I'm crazy.
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