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Originally Posted by Infantry Marine View Post
I nearly got my wrist crushed by a loose 75lb Wilton vice. Big knot on my wrist now. My own fault. I tired and set it on an uneven surface. Drank a couple extra shots of my favorite cheap scotch.

Now, next, Iím supposed to say I canít make the shoot, cause my hurts. But But Iím still going and have no excuses if I mess up any shots or weapons manipulation.

Because: A or B

A. Quitting is not an option. This will be too much fun.

B. I was inspired by some bench rest shooters that worry more about how much chrome is on thier truck and not scratching thier rifle than they are about how well they can shoot unsupported, and they still actually think theyíre gonna survive a SHTF.

Once again, now Iím laughing hysterically and people are looking at me like WTF is the matter with you.
My goodness I am glad you are okay and that didn't turn out worse!! But yes, you are still expected to shoot Also, I do appreciate your offer of the PBR for the prize table but our range is not alcohol friendly (open container or otherwise!) so you'll need to keep it in the truck and stealthily give it away

Tac 40 I'd love to host a little Friday GTG but I've got a family thing I've got to go to unfortunately!

We had our RO meeting yesterday to get everyone on the same page. I also painted the panels for the "glider" stage, going for a more authentic look! Invasion stripes and everything.
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