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Originally Posted by meltblown View Post
I went ahead and picked one up with the Midwest free float with mid length melonite 1:9 for $299 for my friend and I to build. They do not have the 4-6 moa listed on that rig and not sure if it is the M4 type barrel. It is his 1st AR although he is an avid hunter. Started wondering if I steered him wrong. But added up the costs of the upper and HG and decided the barrel basically is a wash if it doesn't shoot worth a crap. We can always use the other stuff and buy a better barrel. I called PSA and the guy on the phone had no clue when I asked him.
I did the "bullet test" on mine and found there was a lot of slop. The muzzle even looked to be not perfectly circular to my eye. You will know pretty quickly when you shoot it. You may get 2 or 3 shots that group reasonably well, but then the rest will be all over the target (by my standards.) You might want to cancel the order if you could and tell them you want to upgrade to a "premium". For the difference in the price of a BCG, it is worth it to get the FN barrel. Aim had free shipping on $80 BCG, so you are paying effectively $480 instead of $400. Could you post the link to the upper for $299? I'm guessing it didn't come with the BCG?
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