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Originally Posted by V guy View Post
The cops are already protecting the weak, you can take the time off.
No one is indispensable; cops retire and prove it all the time.

Proof? We live in a relatively safe environment because of the cops.

This is not a 3rd world nation, except where the cops do not go, like S Chicago;that is why the want to send in UN troops, BECAUSE there are no cops who can control it.

Cuba is a police state, that is why they have no revolution.

We have a balance here, not too many cops.
Because of the cops who we desperately need to xxxx the types who invaded Childress' home, we are relatively safe from roving bands of thugs invading the homes of the rich and middle class............. on a daily basis.

Home invasion is about the worst thing that can happen to a person outside of being shot on the street, or a bad crash.

Cops keep that threat way down because of the risk of apprehension and being shot at.
No cops, no peace.

You are safe because of the cops, not in spite of them.
Oh Lord my gawd, you are not even close to being rural then V

I am in County jurisdiction, close to town but it still takes close to a hald hour most of the damn time. Wanna know why it's pretty safe here ?
Unlike where you live in New York nearly every home has a damn gun here, often a few of them. Everyone knows this, real dangerous to mess up near folks homes.

I see you drew away from this crap regarding we need piglets to defend the Wealthy. Good, that was really ignorant shit. Officers are not some security force for folks with cash. Most of us are already taxed into that base

anyways you may think cops keep you safe
I have never seen any of that here

no shooting of them
no bank robberies or the rest of your claims
plain rural life

try it some time...
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