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Originally Posted by V guy View Post
I am a 100% Cop supporter.

Now, can you seriously defend the sovereign citizen movement?

Libertarians are just like Gary Johnson, and are pretty tame....they just don't know where the hell Aleppo is, and other things.

Without cops just being present everywhere shortly, or available to call, the bad guys would take over or try to.
Burglaries would be up, as would assaults.

People steal or want to, because they do not have what they want, and will act, depending upon the risk. No cops, no risk.
Video cameras and security systems were not developed because of the honesty of people, but because of the bad guys.

That new RING camera doorbell linked to your cell phone is nothing new, but it works.

Crimes would extend against every unarmed citizen who had no defense, against some big guy taking their things and cash, and beating them up to boot.

Many people will be as bad in general, as they can be, and that is at least 5% of the population, and that is way more than enough.

We also actually hire cops according to the observed pressures of the crime wave by the bad 5%, and the number it takes to suppress it.

We cannot allow the 5% to run society, but we do. That is because we respond to them in a negative feedback system........... and they are the ones who cause us to hire cops to "regulate them", so the population can go around unarmed, while the Corrections System performs its "magic" on them, the 5% ers.
Well I don't support ANY profession 100%. There are bad apples in every barrel V. Pretty certain every Officer on the files would agree with that.

sovereign citizen movement?
meh' The vast bulk of those folks are elderly gents who oppose the IRS, your basic tax protestor types.
Known a few of them out in the Dakotas, dead common reasoning among the masses out there. Much of that movement started back in the 70s in the upper midwest.

Nope, no supporter of it, not real opposed to it either. Those folks are by far and large hard core supporters of RKBA extreme bible waving Conservatives.
They are not Libertarians though by any stretch of the imagination. Most I have known are severely anti Homo and anti Drug use for example.

Now I'll admit that movement thought has been spreading even among Blacks who seem to have adopted it for their own ends and means but be aware it's still mostly a White thing that's deeply tied to the militia movement of the 90s. Not been a whole lot of violence with it either.

Back in the 70s you had Gordon Kahl, knew the man pretty well. He was the fool who lit up US Marshalls in North Dakota, btw nearly the entire State seemed to support Gordon back then V

Randy Weaver was another goofball involved in that crap.

Understand, these clowns are correct on a number of their talking point, dead wrong on others. I don't debate them, just nod my head as there is no reasoning with them. That said, they are not about robbing or stealing from others. They just refuse to recognize Federal authority.

I would guess the Bundys fall in this model too.

I disagree why we hire Police these days
It's not about your illusory 5%ers. I can point you to the local police/court blotter in your newspaper. 98% of it is traffic's mostly revenue generation.
I mean really, how does not wearing a seat belt impact society ?
Or having darker factory tint on your vehicle.

We have a mess of Officers locally
Border Patrol
Game Wardens
They don't prevent a thing V

We don't have a 5% here. Had one of my properties broken into this Spring, bunch of crap stolen. Didn't bother reporting it, I already know the parties involved. I'm just waiting for things to crop up, then it's on.
I figure their Dad will end up cutting me a check in the end. He's an old friend who knows this ends badly for the boys if I'm not made whole again.

These are not violent perps, just stupid kids who hit a soft target and found cool shit. Thing is, it's not things easily sold. Things will turn up

Anyways Cops do little to prevent anything. You have crews doing crash and dash thefts on Gun shops across America now. Security systems, cameras, nothing stops this. Whole robbery lasts under 5 minutes, they are long gone by the time the first patrol car arrives
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