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I am a 100% Cop supporter.

Now, can you seriously defend the sovereign citizen movement?

Libertarians are just like Gary Johnson, and are pretty tame....they just don't know where the hell Aleppo is, and other things.

Without cops just being present everywhere shortly, or available to call, the bad guys would take over or try to.
Burglaries would be up, as would assaults.

People steal or want to, because they do not have what they want, and will act, depending upon the risk. No cops, no risk.
Video cameras and security systems were not developed because of the honesty of people, but because of the bad guys.

That new RING camera doorbell linked to your cell phone is nothing new, but it works.

Crimes would extend against every unarmed citizen who had no defense, against some big guy taking their things and cash, and beating them up to boot.

Many people will be as bad in general, as they can be, and that is at least 5% of the population, and that is way more than enough.

We also actually hire cops according to the observed pressures of the crime wave by the bad 5%, and the number it takes to suppress it.

We cannot allow the 5% to run society, but we do. That is because we respond to them in a negative feedback system........... and they are the ones who cause us to hire cops to "regulate them", so the population can go around unarmed, while the Corrections System performs its "magic" on them, the 5% ers.
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