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Originally Posted by the gman View Post
You're ignorant and uninformed but don't let that get in the way of your prejudice. Hard to hold citizens to the same standard as cops when you have NO obligation or duty to become involved in any kind of use of force unless you are threatened personally.

The day you saddle up and voluntarily hop off your ivory tower to go face bad people with guns is the day you can be held to the same standard. FYI, if you happened to miss my last post, you'll see cops are held to a much HIGHER standard than Joe Public because if you smoke someone in self defense, you aren't going to be charged with Federal Civil Rights abuse charges nor stand the chance of double jeopardy, most likely won't lose your job or have to spend the rest of your life in a jail where you put many of the turds already incarcerated. But no, please tell me how again how cops need to be held to the same standard as citizens.

I'll wait but as usual, blowhard ignorant tools like you bring NOTHING to the table...
now you're flailing wildly.

I gave you two tries to disprove what I said was the truth, expecting both times you'd prove it to be the truth via your own action, you didn't disappoint me.
Again ad-hoc personal attacks bases on outright falsehoods.

Myself and the rest of the public face bad guys with guns every day, they're called criminals. I faced a small army of them in LA back in `92 entirely on my own.
LE is held to a higher std than the public after a shooting? Every last damned thing you brought up is what the public faces, with the sole exception of a police shooting review, of course we can have total confidence in a police dept reviewing one it's own.....of course we can....

Civilian review boards? We call them juries, part & parcel to a grand jury.

On and on the falsehoods go.

gave you two tries, you failed both times.

"A gun is a tool" .....Shane.
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