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Market preview of a transferable D.L.O. MG42

We have a D.L.O. registered MG42 we are bringing to market very soon and wanted to give a little pre-sale preview and answer any questions on the piece before we bring it up for sale. We are waiting on the ATF blessing that we "officially" own the machine gun, i.e. the transfer. This will be on a form 3 on our books and ready to transfer instate or to your dealer.

I personally spoke to Doug about this gun, he lives about 1.5 hrs from us and gave us some insight into the background of the gun. It was a single cut, you cant even tell, reweld done in the 70's. If you know anything about transferables then you have heard of Doug and D.L.O. and know the quality of his work. He told me he didnt register very many MG42s, but he welded over the serial #s and put his own serials on them to keep the ATF from thinking they were contraband. All the rest of the markings on the gun are original. This includes about 7 waffen marks, and a ton of original MFG markings. We counted a total of 15-17 markings on the various parts including 2 waffens on the rear top of the receiver. The gun currently wears a parkerized finish, and is not numbers matching.

This is a VERY cool piece and the values of these continue to soar. If anyone has any questions on this historical gun feel free to ask away. These guns dont come to market very often. Below are a few quick photos of the gun. We will be shooting a video of the gun running in the coming days as we prepare to bring the gun to market.


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