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Originally Posted by MAINER View Post
Because it ain't righteous!
Colt's 1911 was invented by JOHN MOSES BROWNING, don't be fuggin with that.
Well, then we would have to remove ALL changes for an original, i.e. arched mainspring housings, collet barrel bushings, etc. We couldn't have 1911A1's either.

Originally Posted by MAINER View Post
OK, so I bought a Colt 1911 ASE series 80 last year and I have as yet found anything to find fault with including the trigger. It is much better fitted and has better sights and accuracy than my 1970's Gov't model 70. The 70 was polished and blued prettier.
I do not think the series 80 needed the contraption they put in it, but it's a non issue with me now.
If I had to choose between my 70 and 80 series, I'd sure miss that nice old 70 Colt.

Sorry, no argument here.
Kinda my point. I do agree it wasn't needed, and I would bet it gets phased out.
The main reason people don't like the Series 80 pistol is because of apparent bad triggers, or people can't "tune" these pistols. Not's internet BS.
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