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We have had more than one transaction, again your count is off. Believe its three or four transactions. By your definition that makes your a liar, eh? Just like other claims. If I make just a small mistake when fail to confirm all details 100% then you say it's lying. If the same is turned around don't you become a liar as well? Why not let your windmill tilting go for the sake of the group. Everyone knows you hate me, it doesn't have to turn every thread we both post into a mud slinging fiasco.

Due to the Connan upper receiver and other small parts purchases assumed you still liked my money but if don't want it, fine. What does that say about character, even with your accusations I try to get along and even willing to spend money with you. Now your too good for that is fine by me. I have not tried to pick a fight with you and try to act polite in the forum, guess your incapable of letting go. What would it serve the group to rehash this again, posting emails and such when it's all in the archives.

Since you stated I made one small transaction on a flashlight, if I post receipts for more than that one does it make you a liar or mistaken? You need to decide, as such minor errors in fact checking is a big part of your premise for saying I am a chronic liar. I complimented you on your work and tried to buy an item you had for sale. You had to try and turn it into a fight. I believe you do more to harm your own reputation attacking me than mine, I am not trying to subsidize my living using this place to advertise for my business. I am not leaving and the more you rant, less I pay attention to it. Go measure some defects in DSA parts.
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