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Originally Posted by gunplumber View Post
Well, thanks for the info - as counter-intuitive as it is, perhaps a statement to that effect should be included. I'm not seeing why the heat transfer differential from fluting only one side of an aluminum barrel is a good thing. But you worked for TacSol, so maybe you can explain it. I still love the weight.
You can't machine something without putting stress into a part. That is something the machinist must consider when making a part, modifying a part, etc.

Most people who buy the TacSol barrels aren't going to machine more grooves. I guess a statement could be included but not sure it's necessary.

As for heat transfer, I seriously doubt you could put enough rounds through the barrel to heat it up to the point it would effect performance.That would be a lot of shooting, mag after mag, as fast as you can.

And I only made accurate barrels. Maybe you got one machined after I left.

It just so happens I have a TacSol barrel, new in the wrap. I think I'll mate it to a receiver and do an accuracy test on it. Look for it in the review section but not before spring when the weather warms up.
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