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Can't seem to find a picture of the Boyd "sniper" stock. If not a thumb hole will take it. Have AAC 51T Ratchet Mount suppressor adapters on over 25 rifles from AR's to M1a's and an FAL but never thought about spinning one on a rimfire but the multicam Iberia cans do well with every other cartridge tried. My 6.8's love the multicaliber AAC 7.62 SDN and SDN-6 can as don't even have to adjust gas due to smaller diameter of projectile like with 5.56 does not develop enough back pressure to matter with a 30 caliber can. Have three on rifles in rack now and one in my briefcase. Recently learned my Osprey pistol cans are rated for 300 BO which has me thinking odd thoughts. Email inbound as know your love of PM's.
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