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Originally Posted by hueyville View Post
Nice looking group of rifles GP. That an AAC 51T Ratchet Mount suppressor adapter on front?
yes - I'm pretty much married to AAC and the 51T, having it on all 7 of my SCAR rifles and my medium range Remington Sniper, so the 10/22s get it as well. The only thing remaining direct thread are my .22 caliber conversions for the Glock. Those have 1/2 x28 for a home-made silencer that I've kept because it outperforms the GEMTECH Outback, and is made from stainless screen stuffed inside an old lamp stand. By home-made, I mean rudimentary- I had very little lathe skills then and the end caps are JB welded. Still performs well 20 years later. It was one of my first projects after I became an SOT back in 1999.
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