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Go check out RimFire Central

There is a website that has a lot of well thought out 10/22 improvements. It is Rimfire Central. There have been a series of gunsmiths that specialize in improving the accuracy of that rifle. The chief change that will improve accuracy is just using standard velocity ammo. The problem with using SV ammo is that reliability goes to pot in an un-modified 10/22.

With cast or swaged Lead bullets, one will typically find an increase in accuracy if one has a firearm chambered such that the bullet engraves on rifling. The typical .22 LR match bolt action rifle engraves Lead bullets a lot. If a .22 LR match pistol engraved bullets that much it would probably slam-fire, so they engrave just a little. The .22 LR 10/22 rifles I use for CMP .22 Sporter matches have what are essentially .22 match pistol chambers. This was achieved by the rear of the barrel being faced off by .200" and a tighter throat/chamber reamer bing used. They do not slam fire. They had to have some more changes to be reliable with SV ammo. Mostly, they had to have the rear/bottom of the bolt radiused and polished.
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