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Originally Posted by Nuttz View Post
Got this little 10/22 short heavy barrel for the yutz to get all learned up on before graduating up to larger calibers. It is a fun little squirrel gun and will do 1-1.5 MOA all day long at 100yds. I can hit the 6 inch gong at 200yds no problem but start running out of scope after that. It has a 6-12 Cabella's BDC (think it is made by Nikon) on it. I swapped out the horrible stock trigger for a Volquartsen and it made a world of difference. Fun little plinker and rodent gun!

Went out and did a quick video range report with the little guy at 100yds. Not too impressive and probably could have used some better ammo and tightened things up a bit. Still a fun time.

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