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Originally Posted by Bakwa352 View Post
Thanks for all the responses so far.
That's a lot of different barrels that have been recommended. I have my homework cut out for me.

My 10/22 was shooting 2"-2.5" groups at 100yds with mini mags before my cousin did some trigger work on it. When I get the trigger group back, I'll see how it shoots like that. Unless the trigger work cuts those groups in half, I'll probably pick up an aftermarket barrel and stock.
And of course I'll need to experiment with a few more different types of good ammo.

My goal is to build a sub MOA training gun that's cheaper to shoot than a 5.56.
Stepping up in ammo quality will get you a lot closer.

Try CCI SV for inexpensive. Next step would be Wolf MT or SK Std+ (same ammo), or SK Magazine. Then Wolf ME/SK Rifle Match. Then Lapua Center-X.
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