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Originally Posted by Bakwa352 View Post
My goal is to build a sub MOA training gun that's cheaper to shoot than a 5.56.
Training for what? I've never considered the Ruger a trainer for anything. It's got mechanics that are all it's own. Now, having a super accurate plinker for no other reason than "because", that I can 100% get behind. I got to shoot another members 10/22 not too long ago at a small plinking session and it hooked me on 2 things. Wanting to build another target 10/22, and wanting to do it quietly with a can. I've got a long list of "because I can" projects, and now a target 10/22 or 3 are on it. In the end, make it yours and be happy. With fiddling around (lots of it) the factory barrels will shoot very well. But the bull barrel has that target look, and the chamber to match...

Good luck
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