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If I were on the jury as if it would ever go to jury I would vote to fry the little piggy. If it were one shot I would be able to be on the line of justifiable or not.
1) why did the officer keep the sirens blaring? The suspect would never be able to clearly hear a command.
2) after the 1st shot the man went down, but continued a mag dump.
3) after the man went down as soon as he hit the ground his hands were on his head and with both hands covering his head the officer kept unloading.

That officer deserves to fry. If I shoot a home intruder armed or not in the back they would fry me. The officer chose his job and obviously not fit for it. I don't want to hear about how shitty of a job it is, this is the USA not the old USSR where you don't get to choose your job.
I say it was not a bad shoot but horrible shoot, and we have to many of them on too regular of a basis.
Life, liberty, and happiness.Until you have robbed some one of those rights you have not broken the law.That's how it should be anyhow.

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