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How to install FAL charging handle rivets :)

I found a new use for the long rivet tool used for building AKs. Take your cocking handle, place a backer piece to support the knob side of the rivet. Tighten down the packing nut onto the back side of the charging handle to fully seat the rivet. Then use a long narrow alignment punch which fits down through the rivet tool and also fits the hole in the charging handle. Use your press to squash the rivet head and you're done. Nice tight charging handle knob

You can use a socket as a backer but it will leave a mark on the exposed rivet head. I'm going to turn a backer on my lathe today and also make a rod which fits the rivet tool just for FAL charging handles.
Also if you have a knob that is loose you can just tighten it up using the same method. The key to having a tight knob is fully seating the rivet.
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