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Discussing long term medicine issues with a doctor friend about wife's bone medicine and one of mine that is somewhat hard to store. He said on mine, comes from compounding pharmacy, if not mixed the main ingredients have longer shelf life. Said for wife is an alternate medicine could get ingredients from compounding pharmacy with correctly written prescriptions that would keep five to ten years. Not as good as the Swiss stuff but better than no medicine or spoiled.

Wrote me nine prescriptions and instructions for mixing. Some of the ingredients use very small amounts and measuring is most difficult part of process. Ordered these:

Pipettes in 5 to 50 uL and 20 to 200 uL. Had to explain to compounding pharmacist what goal was but since had prescriptions, nothing was narcotic and paid with wallet size photos of dead Presidents he was fine. Doctor said were a few inert ingredients he would get me and now the medicine was most worried about for wife have best U.S. approved alternative that can store for long periods of time. Just mix to instructions and be sure to get them "stirred" well.

Two of my prescriptions we changed years ago for the second best option but stores for over a decade. Also switched to a new non narcotic pain medicine that works better than morphine or roxycodone and no side effects. Unfortunately it's not approved yet but got in a drug study which pays for all medicine, tests plus write me a check for being a volunteer test monkey each visit. No taken any narcotics for over two weeks now and actually feel less pain. Issue is what to do when study is over two years from now if not approved by then but already have a little extra. Will cross that bridge if is appears in 23 months.

Anyone who has mission critical medication find a doctor can openly discuss long term needs if interruption in chain of supply. Some medicines are only made in one location. If it were to burn or hit by tornado could cause major disruptions and shortages of some important medicines for people. If your on a brand name only without generic options find out if your required medicine could disappear due to a structure fire or workers strike.
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