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Everything in kit you pictured is in my kits. I have a way of splitting gear so that any one bag gives a minimum for a wide assortment of events, the more bags I add, the more tools to do complicated work easier. My kit #1 has suture thread and set of curved and straight hemos. If I have to sew with it I give you a stick to chew on. If I have kit two it adds a second set of hemos and scissors and you get a pill a few minutes before I go to stabbing you repeatedly with small needle. If kits 1 through 3 are with me victim gets to be relatively comfortable. I even have the choice of injectible morphine or toradol according to any allergies. Never want to pop someone in the field with sweet mother morphine if they have an allergy as you won't recover them before you get to real help.

Anytime I go on a trip everyone is required to write allergies and diseases in my medical kit journal. Whether we are going rock climbing, mountaineering or motorcycle riding. All my riding partners detailed info is accessible to me if they are unconscious. At a rally a few years ago fellow did something really dumb. He didn't want to go to emergency room for fear of them running a tox report. Word got around and I was asked to sew him up. Was about to glove up and remembered I had not interviewed the patient. I have two 3"x5" index cards with the questions you have to remember to ask.

I had lidocane out, suture set cleaned, gloves, mask and about to sew when the interview dawned on me last minute. Turns out damn fool had hepatitis C and had not bothered to tell a soul and there were already one guy and two bitches covered in blood. I said whoops, someone needs to transport him as I am not sewing and risking Hep-C just because he was scared of the tox report. I advised the three blood covered helpers to go clean up fast, and then do it again with alcohol, gasoline or whatever and go to the hospital too. That is when one of the women said it didn't matter as she already had Hep-C too. Proper patient interview is the most important part of treatment. If have a chance, do it before the accident.

We should all know our friends diseases and allergies. I wear a medicalert bracelet and have one of these around my neck.

If unresponsive most important info engraved and around wrist. Last three years medical records with most recent MRI and x-ray images are around my neck anytime I leave the house. Doctor says I have to as the brain cancer caused some issues Emergency Room Doctor has to know if I am unresponsive.

if find myself in Texas I am going to either buy you a beer or fire a shot across the bow of your boat just as a howdy do. Thanx for guiding me when to be wordy and not. I am naturally very detailed in even the most mundane conversation.
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