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Originally Posted by ronpaulFAL View Post
If you want to know your blood type and help your community then donate to the Red Cross and have your family members do the same. Any young children will may have been typed at birth, you may be able to get those records. If you want to do that then get a chart showing the compatible types.

Major transfusion reactions can be fatal. I don't know the lab procedure to cross blood types but I would not trust a fictional novel to explain it. Despite hospital controls we still have the occasional major reaction- be warned, it's not that simple.
You can buy blood typing kits - I recall using one in HS. They are based on antibodies, like you would use in an ELISA test, which would be specific to either the A or B type and would both bind an AB blood type and not bind to an O type and would be repeated for the presence of the Rh factor which would bind if present and be noted negative by its absence, like an O blood type tested against the anti-A and anti-B Abs.
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