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Kingphish, Totally different situation and very dated info from BATFE. The M1/M2 situation is unique in the world of MG's as the receivers of those two models are identical. There is no difference between an M1 receiver and an M2 receiver. All the 'parts' that make the M2 selectfire are 'parts'. You can actually purchase a registered handful of metal bits that will legally convert an M1 to M2. Not so with the L1A1.

As issued, the L1A1 functioned semi auto only, but it's still considered by BATFE to be a MG due to it's ability to be converted by simply adding uncontrolled parts. The receiver of the L1A1 is already milled for the full auto sear(in this case a 'safety' sear)and it is installed and functional. Generally speaking, a semi FAL receiver is not sear-cut, or if it is as in those special cases mentioned several times above, sear installation is blocked by the semi-only ejector block.

It's all quite complicated and definitely clear as mud, but that's pretty much how it all works. A sear-cut receiver with a sear installed is a MG whether it fires full auto or not. A non-sear-cut receiver is a semi. There are sear-cut receivers with semi-auto ejector blocks in them that fire semi only, and BATFE treats them as semis as long as they're not tampered with, but they're not supposed to exist and were only allowed due to an oversight. There's a whole 'nother group that hasn't been mentioned yet,.................and I hate bringing them up, but,.........

Original L1A1's imported into the US for law enforcement sale(presumably as semis)that have trickled into the general population. These guns are sear-cut with FA ejector blocks installed(and probably the safety sear as well)and I personally think they're a violation just waiting to happen. The fact that they initially went to LE without registration doesn't change the fact that they are MG's in the eyes of BATFE even if BATFE hasn't done anything about it(yet). I think someone screwed the pooch on initial import as well as subsequent sale and somebody somewhere will eventually pay for that,................probably the guy who's innocently in possession when the day arrives.
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