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Originally posted by jaygee
Many of us are familiar with the G series FALs from 1960-63, but what of
those that were brought in from that time til '68-'69, when the ATF
began the "no safety sear cut" policy ? It's my understanding, and I
could be wrong, that a dedicated semi FAL from this time would have a
sear cut , a semi ejector block, and comercial markings. Also heard of
FALs such as this being available in small numbers stateside but have
not been fast enough to get to see one in the flesh. Any one care to
shed some light on these ??
there are over 2000 Steyr impor and Katnses (?) that are sear cut and they were imported in the 80s. But as is clear from previous posts, there is more to making a machinegun than merely having a sear cut.

In fact, one could argue it is easier (depending on skill and equipment) to make a Hesse into a machinegun than a sear cut steyr. On the former, its more-or less 3 passes with a 3/8" endmill. On the latter, you need to change the ejector block, the selector, the trigger retrn plunger, and weld up th bolt carrier.

In either case, you cannot make one a machinegun without taking some obvious steps - and doing that is illegal
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