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Another point I'd like to raise is someone crucified the original poster for his lack of typing / grammatical skills, and implied that someone who can't spell correctly has no business attempting to build machine guns.

Well, as you can read, I'm fairly articulate (and a bit verbose at times), and I do a decent job of spelling.

But, my business partner, who owns 25% of the company is not. He is a high-school graduate, and a career machinist. He can do pretty much anything you want done with a mill or lathe. He can even run a CNC machine pretty dang well. He's come up with some very interesting suppressor designs, and can easily convert them from ideas in his head to blueprints, to effective, working examples. But, his spelling and grammar are atrocious. He knows as much about FAL's as I do, and a little less about AK's. Had he come on here asking questions about what needs to be done to convert an FAL into a machine gun, many of you would have treated him like the waste product that comes from your fourth point-of-contact. But, he is a Type 07 FFL. He just doesn't know anything about FAL's, and he types poorly. Not everyone is as well-rounded as some folks here would like to think they should be.
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